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Creating a Biodiversity Action Plan

There are many things business can do to make a positive contribution to biodiversity. Whatever your approach to engaging with biodiversity, it is important that the initiatives are appropriate for your size and sector of business and available resources. Central to a successful Company Biodiversity Action Plan (CBAP) are achievable goals. This may mean a phased approach, starting with some of the activities which are less demanding in terms of resources and specialist ecological expertise, and gradually expanding the programme over a number of years. A Company BAP that fails because it is over-ambitious is unlikely to be resurrected. A successful BAP is not simply a matter of making resources available; companies which have made significant achievements have invariably had both a commitment to biodiversity at senior management level and an individual champion at "ground level" to drive the strategy through the implementation phase.

Biodiversity Policy

Company Biodiversity Action Plans

Site Biodiversity Action Plans

The UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) is a web-based information system that supports the planning, monitoring and reporting requirements of national, local and company Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs). Everyone working on BAPs at national and local levels can maintain their data in a secure environment and integrate it across users and organisations to provide an overview of BAP progress for each species and habitat and at different geographical scales. For more information click here.

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