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Case Studies of French Companies


Lafarge, a world leader in construction materials, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), a conservation organization, are partnering under the framework of the WWF’s "Conservation Partner" Programme. With the help of the WWF, Lafarge is developing a biodiversity policy and strategy, raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity, and integrating it into its worldwide quarry rehabilitation programme. In addition, Lafarge is supporting WWF in the area of ecological restoration of forests through the “Forests Reborn” project.

A key example of Lafarge’s work with WWF are the former quarries of the Bamburi cement plant near Mombasa, Kenya, which has been restored as a nature reserve over the last thirty years. It has become a refuge for biodiversity, while at the same time maintaining its economic viability. Some of the results of the program are that of the 422 indigenous plant species introduced into the newly created ecosystems, 364 survived, including 30 that are on the World Conservation Union’s Red List of Threatened Species. For more information visit www.lafarge.com.


Perrier seeks to safeguard natural conditions in the soil and sub-soil in order to preserve the quality of Perrier's spring. Today, Perrier has planted and maintains some 1,235 acres of woodland to preserve the environment around the spring, allowing the area to act as a natural filter for the water. Perrier has also established agricultural guidelines for adjacent areas and consequently, farmers and growers in the 8,650 adjacent acres can now label their produce ‘organically grown.’ All ecological measures are then certified by a third party responsible for constant monitoring of compliance with the guidelines. Perrier has also established a scientific monitoring and advisory program for farmers, supplementing the guidelines with the latest research data and best practices for the site's surroundings. For more information visit www.perrier.com.



Photo Credit: Jo Zaremba, Earthwatch Institute (Europe)

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