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Travis perkins timber yardTravis Perkins

Travis Perkins is UK’s largest supplier of building materials with over 700 branches throughout the UK. They sell over £300m worth of timber and timber-based products each year.

In January 2004 the UK government updated its timber procurement policy, they now require government timber purchases to be legally logged and traded, and, where financial considerations support it, to also choose suppliers which can provide timber from ‘sustainable’ sources.

This means that government contractors – including, for example, those working on infrastructure and PFI projects as well as refurbishment of government buildings – are being asked to buy timber from sustainable sources. Contractors tend to buy as many supplies as possible in one place, so the yard which can provide sustainable timber will also make sales of other building materials. In order to meet this stringent requirement, Travis Perkins has therefore obtained chain of custody certification at its major timber branches.

Approximately 15-20% of Travis Perkins total timber sales (or up to £60m in 2003) are estimated to be sold for use in government-related building projects each year. The actual figure may be even higher when indirect sales are taken into account (i.e. those sales for which Travis Perkins is unaware of the ultimate destination). Without a system for sourcing sustainable timber, and the ability to track it through the supply chain, the company would be at risk of losing access to the important government procurement market.

The cost of implementing Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody certification was approximately £10,000 in external fees and a considerable amount of investment of internal management time to put the system in place. This investment will help secure sales to the UK government worth approximately £60 million a year.

Photocredit: Travis Perkins Coventry Yard


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