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Barclays is a UK-based financial services group engaged in commercial and investment banking and investment management activities worldwide. Barclays provides finance to major projects such as construction and mining and retail. Potential impacts of these financed activities on biodiversity include habitat loss and pollution.

Barclays uses environmental credit risk assessment policies and procedures to factor environmental issues, including biodiversity, into loan risk profiles, upon which structuring and pricing decisions are based. The Equator Principles, of which Barclays are signatories, commit banks to ensuring that borrowers have adequately addressed the protection of biodiversity, including endangered species and sensitive ecosystems. The adopting bank recognises that the reputation of the bank and the borrower “are inextricably linked.

The risk for companies not managing biodiversity exposure adequately is that capital will be harder to access or increase in cost. Companies in certain sectors will need to demonstrate that they are operating to acceptable biodiversity standards in order to borrow from “Equator” banks.


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