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Miscellaneous Case Studies

bird box in tree3M Uk PLC

3M UK PLC, Bedford, have incorporated biodiversity into their overall environmental programme on the site and is a key part of their ISO 14001 management process. The site occupies approximately 24 acres of which only half or so is used for operational purposes. As part of the Environmental team’s effort to improve biodiversity, some 1600 trees have been planted in 2 hectares of land with some adjacent ground developed as habitat for indigenous species in the locality.

In addition to tree planting, the Bedford site has actively worked with BTCV since 2004 in preparing a 5 year maintenance plan for the site to ensure appropriate standards for encouraging local wildlife through activities such as hedge laying, grass cutting, path maintenance and creation of habitat piles.

3M Bedford has also been working with local wildlife trusts such as the forestry commission which has assisted in the planning and planting of trees and some 19 different species. The Environmental team has also formed close links with LBAP and supported local projects such as the Marston Vale Forest in the Community and the Wood Green Animal Centre. The site is also represented on the local Green Business Network (GBN), a group of local companies, local authority representatives and specialists, who have a mandate to promote environmental awareness and action within the community.

Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak, one of the world’s largest suppliers of packaging systems, aspires to being at the forefront of proactive environmental and corporate citizenship. Through a ‘One Step Ahead’ program the company is introducing sustainability thinking to all aspects of the supply chain, from raw materials to the end-user and recycling.

At the Wrexham manufacturing site in Wales the company is maximising the ecological value of the site grounds, working closely with Wrexham County Borough Council and Groundwork Wrexham and Flintshire to assess the biodiversity on-site and develop a three-year biodiversity program. A wide range of species have been identified and a program devised based on maintaining and improving existing habitats.

The main actions have included constructing a network of paths, increasing the area of wetland and small-scale native tree planting supported by the Forestry Commission and providing educational facilities.

Through this project Tetra Pak hope not only to generate employee and stakeholder involvement, increased awareness and improved on-site environmental performance, but also to create a valuable resource for local schools and community groups.


Photo Credit: Jo Zaremba/ Earthwatch Institute

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