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Biodiversity Partnerships Case Studies

Mountain GorillaThe British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership

The British American Tobacco Biodiversity Partnership (BATBP) is a consortium of four NGOs - Earthwatch Europe, Fauna & Flora International, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Tropical Biology Association with British American Tobacco working together Contribute to the conservation of global biodiversity by building a portfolio of activities that assist countries where the Partners operate in meeting their obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Through the partnership, each of the partners’ own ability to manage biodiversity is also enhanced.

The programme of activities covers a range of projects including:

• Training of biologists in the Africa region in order to increase local capacity in biodiversity research and conservation (Tropical Biology Association - TBA)
• Training the African science and conservation community in field research skills (Earthwatch Institute (Europe))
• Aiding the further development and strengthening of the regional non-governmental organisation (NGO), the East African Wild Life Society (EAWLS) (Flora and Fauna International – FFI)
• Collecting seeds in three focal countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon) supporting the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst in Sussex. (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (RBG, Kew)).
• Working with British American Tobacco (BAT) on their corporate biodiversity policy.

Progress on the activities of the partnership were reported at the 2004 International Stakeholder Reporting Event in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Industry Nature Conservation Association

The Industry Nature Conservation Association (INCA) was founded in 1989. INCA works with companies, nature conservation agencies and statutory authorities operating in the River Tees corridor to ensure that the growth of industry and commerce occurs in partnership with nature conservation and to enhance the natural environment and ecological diversity of Teesside.
By informing businesses operating locally, INCA has been able to work with its members to meet environmental legislative requirements and to promote sustainable operational practices across a variety of industries. Membership represents a contribution to the sustainable development of the Tees Valley and the positive reputation generated for the area by INCA.
INCA has a small team of specialists and access to a wide range of other experts and has a core of experience in ecology, the process industry and the regional planning regime.
INCA also funds various monitoring programmes including the Tees Seals Programme and maintains an ecological database covering species, habitats and protected sites in the river corridor.
The INCA model for engagement with the industrial sector on biodiversity and ecological issues has proved so successful on Teesside that a sister body - Humberside Industry Nature Conservation Association (HINCA) - was recently launched.

The North-East Biodiversity Partnership

The North-East Biodiversity Partnership in Scotland is a local biodiversity partnership which has set up a Business and Biodiversity Project that works with over a dozen companies. A Business Adviser is employed promote biodiversity action by businesses, which can bring a range of benefits to companies and nature conservation alike. The LBAP has produced a Business and Biodiversity in North East Scotland booklet (2002), which highlights best practice examples in the area, and is currently producing a range of Advice Notes outlining more ideas on how businesses can get involved in action for wildlife.

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Moreiras/FFI Mountain Gorillas Project (BAT Biodiverstiy Partnership)



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