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Earthwatch Publications
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Key Publications:

United Kingdom

Earthwatch Publications


A Review of Biodiversity Conservation Performance Measures – This web-based report prepared in conjunction with Rio Tinto plc outlines the various approaches to measuring biodiversity performance measures. To Full PDF Publication can be downloaded here.


Engaging Business With Biodiversity - Guidelines For Local Biodiversity Partnerships - This web-based publication presents a summary of ten workshops run across England, Scotland and Wales during 2003-2004, by Earthwatch Institute (Europe), which looked at the reasons for LBPs to engage with businesses, how to go about it and the major challenges encountered by Local Biodiversity Partnerships when working with businesses. The set of Tools (available to download below) complement the guidelines and have been developed for LBPs to use to help them approach, work with and engage with businesses. These tools are intended to be downloaded, customised and used as guidance only. The Full PDF publication can be downloaded here.


Is biodiversity a material risk for companies? - Earthwatch, in conjunction with F&C Asset Management and funded by DFID, has undertaken pioneering research into the risks that biodiversity may present to business value. The report PDF can be downloaded here.



Business & Biodiversity - The Handbook for Corporate Action. Earthwatch Institute (Europe), International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, World Business Council for Sustainable Development 2002.
Download PDF - 900k. To order a hard copy of the Handbook or to access further information, including translated versions and the Handbook’s on- line companion, click here.

A complete set of Business and Biodiversity publications is available free of charge. To receive your copy please fill in the Business and Biodiversity Publication Order Form


Business & Biodiversity - A Guide for UK-based companies operating internationally. A companion volume to the 'Business & Biodiversity' series. Earthwatch 2002. Download PDF - 1.5 Mb.

Business & Biodiversity - Fully revised and updated. A UK business guide for understanding and integrating nature conservation and biodiversity into environmental management systems. Earthwatch 2002. Download PDF - 0.5 Mb.


Case Studies in Business and Biodiversity - A companion volume to the above guide. Earthwatch 2000. Download PDF - 208k.

Business & Biodiversity - Site Biodiversity Action Plans (Earthwatch 2003). Filled with information, examples and contacts, this leaflet is a valuable resource for any company wishing to develop a site Biodiversity Action Plan. Download PDF.


Putting a Bit Back - A guide to nature conservation for small to medium-sized enterprises. Earthwatch 2001. Download PDF - 366k.


The following publications are available in PDF format only.


What is Sustainability? - Biodiversity, the environment and sustainable development: a summary guide for companies. Earthwatch 2000. Download PDF - 544k. (This leaflet is not available in printed format).

Measuring Biodiversity Performance - Context for questions relating to biodiversity in the Business in the Environmental Index (B:E) of Corporate Environmental Engagement. Earthwatch 2000. Download PDF - 131k. (This leaflet is not available in printed format).

For other related publications, please visit the Earthwatch website.

Recent Publications

Flora Locale, 2005, Go Native! Planting for Biodiversity: Guidelines for Planting Projects in the Countryside. (Link Temporarily Down)

Nature Journal, 2004, Biodiversity at Risk of Extinction from Climate Change.

Newton J., Williams C., Nicholson B., Venables R. et al, 2004, Working with Wildlife.

South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), 2004, Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change.

Gaston K. & Spicer J., 2004, Biodiversity: An Introduction, second edition.

Kate K., Bishop J., and Bayon R., 2004, Biodiversity Offsets: Views, Experience and the Business Case.

Arena network, 2004, Business and Biodiversity Project.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development, 2004, Finding Capital for Sustainable Livelihoods Businesses.

SustainAbility and The Global Compact, 2004, Gearing Up: From Corporate Responsibility to Good Governance and Scalable Solutions.

Fussler C., Cramer A., Van der Vegt S., 2004, Raising the Bar: Creating Value within the UN Global Compact.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2004, The Environment in Your Pocket 2005.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2004, Draft UK National Allocation Plan for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

London Development Agency, 2004, Design for Biodiversity: A Guidance Document for Development in London.

Business in the Community (BitC), 2003, Corporate Responsibility Index 2003 (Second Index).

Earthwatch, 2003, Business And Biodiversity – A Good Practice Guide (With Particular Reference To Identifying Opportunities In Scotland).

Swingland I., 2003, Capturing Carbon & Conserving Biodiversity: The Market Approach.

Barber, J., 2000, Can a Financial Instrument Improve the Management of Natural Ecosystems?

1. International

United Nations, 2005, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report.

McHarry, J., Strachan, J., Callway, R. and Ayre, G., 2005, The Plain Language Guide to the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

The International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) & International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP), 2003, Joint IPIECA/OGP Biodiversity Workshop: Workshop Report.

World Wide Fund for Nature, 2003, WWF Guidelines for Investment in Operations that Impact Forests.

Earthprint.com is the UNEP's offical book shop with Environmental Publications from UNEP and Key International Organisations. Click here to search their database.

Institutional Institute for Development and Environment has a database of recent articles and publications.

Global Biodiversity International Facilities has publications on biodiversity in a global context.

The Convention on Biological Diversity site lists many publications.


Commission of the European Communities, 2003, The World Summit on Sustainable Development One Year On: Implementing Our Commitments.

Koziell I., Omosa E., 2003, Room to Manoeuvre: Mining, Biodiversity and Protected Areas.

European Platform for Biodiversity has publications related to biodiversity in Europe.

3.United Kingdom

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2004, E- Digest of Environmental Statistics.

Sustainable Development in Government, 2004, Sustainable Development in Government: Third Annual Report.

England Biodiversity Group, 2003, Natural Partners – The Achievements of Local Biodiversity Partnerships in England.

English Nature, 2003, England’s Best Wildlife and Geological Sites: The Condition of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in England.

North East Scotland Biodiversity Forum, 2003, Business and Biodiversity in North-East Scotland.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2002-3, A Biodiversity Strategy for England- Measuring Progress: Baseline Assessment.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2002, Working with the Grain of Nature - A Biodiversity Strategy for England.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2002, New Atlas of British and Irish Flora.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), 2000, Climate Change and UK Nature Conservation: A Review of the Impact of Climate Change on UK Species and Habitat Conservation Policy.

The England Biodiversity Group's Library offers documents relating to Biodiversity in England available for purchase and downloading.

The UK Biodiversity Action Plan Library offers a full range of UK BAP publications related to the UK BAP implementation.

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